uOttawa LNFB chapter's take on 2019 LSO bencher election

second forum in Ottawa in 2018 [photo credits: Mariam Ali]

second forum in Ottawa in 2018 [photo credits: Mariam Ali]


by the uOttawa LNFB chapter


The next Law Society of Ontario (LSO) bencher election is taking place on April 30, 2019.

Benchers play a vital role in the governance of the Law Society. They participate in the development of policies that affect lawyers, paralegals and law students.



Some Bencher Candidates have campaigned against the LSO’s initiative to create a mandatory Statement of Principles.

The Statement of Principles requires lawyers and paralegals to acknowledge their “obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally.” The purpose of the Statement of Principles is to “address the barriers faced by racialized licensees.”

Law Needs Feminism Because uOttawa supports the inclusion of the Statement of Principles.

Further information on the Statement of Principles can be found here.

Other issues impacting the 2019 Bencher Election include:

• The LSO’s role in supporting and funding pro bono services;

• Improving access to justice for Ontarians;

• Regulating rising costs for law students and young lawyers (high tuition fees, unpaid work, student debt, proposed changes to Ontario licensing fees, etc.).



Bencher Election website (including candidate profiles)



Bencher Election general news coverage

Law Times


Bencher Candidates in support of the Statement of Principles

Created by Corey Shefman (Toronto Lawyer)



The following 2019 Bencher Candidates have created platforms that directly speak to issues of equity in the legal profession.

A voting guide can be found here.


This list is should not be considered a slate.

This is a list of candidates who have demonstrated, in the views of LNFB uOttawa, a commitment to equity. The list is up to LNFB uOttawa’s discretion.

Inclusion in this page does not constitute an endorsement of the candidates.

LawNeedsFeminismBecause, the authors of this page and any owner, future or current, of this website takes no responsibility for the candidates or their platforms.

If you would like to be add to the list, please email: uottawalnfb@gmail.com explaining your commitment to equity and intersectional feminist principles in 200 words or less.

If you would like to be removed from the list, please email uottawalnfb@gmail.com.



Anne Vespry [link]

Caryma Sa’D [link]

Deepa Tailor [link]

Tanya Walker [link]

Billeh Hamud [link]

Jayashree Goswami [link]

Yavar Hameed [link]

Ryan Peck [link]

Shalini Konanur [link]

Karen Andrews [link]

Douglas Judson [link]

Jonathan Rosenthal [link]

Saidaltaf Patel [link]

Julia Shin Doi [link]

Rebecca Bromwich [link]

Howard Goldblatt [link]

Claire Wilkinson [link]

Barbra Murchie [link]

Ayoun Bin Haroon [link]

Atrisha Lewis [link]

Rebecca Durcan [link]

Gina Papagerogiou [link]

Orlando Da Silva [link]

Diane Corbiere [link]

Julian Falconer [link]

Isfahan Merali [link]

Signa Daum Shanks [link]

Rocco Galati [link]

Selwym Pieters [link]

Quinn Ross [link]

Megan Shortreed [link]

Mirilyn Sharpe [link

E Patrick Shea [link]

Paul Cooper [link]