when even our website & domain are feminist


We’ve been so grateful to Jonathan Pulsifer, a Security Engineer at Shopify, who has come on board with LNFB in the capacity of Cyber Security Advisor. Jonathan makes sure that as the LNFB platform evolves, we make thoughtful technological choices.


This past year, we’ve focused on answering a few questions:

>> are we providing a safe platform for community engagement?
>> who governs the data we generate as an organization?
>> are community members actually submitting anonymously via our website?

This resulted in migrating away from a reseller (Wix) to administer our own G Suite account, ensuring that we remain in control of our data. We changed our domain registrar from GoDaddy to Google Domains and have enabled security controls (DMARC, DKIM and SPF specifically) on our email such that we are more difficult to phish and involve in spam campaigns. We enabled HTTPS on lawneedsfeminismbecause.ca to make sure our visitors are not spied on and have acquired lnfb.ca along the way.

Maintaining a great security posture in an organization is difficult, and turns out, is a lot of work. Thankfully we welcomed our new website manager, Souhila Baba, to the team so we can start fostering good systems administration patterns moving forward.

Jonathan also co-facilitated a workshop at this year’s national forum. He, along with his peer Chris Donaldson, explored our right to exist safely in digital spaces and choosing technologies that align with feminist work and values. Jonathan introduced the tool he has built to ensure our photo and form submissions remain anonymous, while Chris provided attendees with a basic understanding of cybersecurity concepts. People left the workshop with some tools to help them remain safe online and a broader awareness of what an organization like LNFB, and/or any other feminist/activist group, must consider when selecting the appropriate technologies and vendors.