University of Victoria

uvic’s third photoshoot


For the third year in a row, members of our law school community came together to share why we believe law needs feminism. Thirty-four participants’ photos make up UVic Law’s 2019 campaign run by FemLaw (the Feminist Law Students’ Association) and the sum is truly greater than its constituent parts: as a whole, the campaign is a powerful and impactful statement. At UVic Law, LNFB photoshoots often happen quickly and quietly. The noise and lasting impact starts when, a few weeks later, the photos are released collectively as a declaration of mutual outrage, determination, and solidarity. UVic FemLaw is excited to encourage dialogue, reflection, and action this year through a drop-in exhibition of the photos alongside tea, treats, handouts with resources, and a display of excellent feminist books. It feels wonderful to get together as a community and honour the process and product of this important campaign. Thank you to all participants and volunteers!

This photo campaign was run by Afifa Hashimi and Nico Bernardi (UVic FemLaw Co-Presidents) with photography by Debbie Preston and graphic design by Medina Abdelkader.