university of victoria

UVic held a photoshoot/movie-montage-dance-party to curate this gallery of portraits on January 24th, 2017. Debbie Preston (Deb Jo) took all of the photos and did the editing work. Natasha John carefully matched each caption to it's photo. Amidst the discrimination that seems to be widely infiltrating our world, and in the same week as the Women's March, UVic students and faculty gathered to discuss why the law needs feminism.

Co-Leads: Brooke Haberstock (Brooke Elizabeth) and Emma Waterman
Photographer and Designer: Debbie Preston (Deb Jo)
Designer: Natasha John
Fashion Consultant: Ga Grant Lovely
Assistants: Alex Marr, Leila Geggie Hurst, Bianca Masalin-Basi, Samuæl Jonathan and Kimberly Francisco.
And special thanks to the UVic Feminist Law Club for it's collective support for and excitement about this initiative.