first lnfb campaign

In 2016, Vanita Sachdeva and Rachel Kohut of the Feminist Collective of McGill Law co-organized a second photo campaign. For this new iteration, it was decided that neither law nor feminism would be defined—Vanita and Rachel left that up to participants. During the photoshoot, photographer Whitney Lewis-Smith also spent time with participants to make sure the expression in their portraits spoke to their captions, which many participants spent hours drafting in the hallway. She also intentionally used natural lighting and a white wall in one of the hallways of the faculty as a background. Log Creative Bureau (now Huot & Vallentin) came up with the idea of using handwritten captions to add tactility to the campaign, and thoughtfully chose Mrs. Eaves, a feminist-inspired typeface, for the hashtag. Within days of its launch, CBC caught wind of the campaign, a dozen other schools joined the initiative by organizing their own photo campaigns, and the idea of a national forum was born.