schulich law (dalhousie university)

Dalhousie held several photoshoots to curate this beautiful gallery of portraits. During the first afternoon shoot, they managed to get 37 portraits. In the same week, the group organized to take photos in a board room at Stewart McKelvey.

Justin took all of the photos and did his magical editing work. Some people even wanted group photos, which the group encouraged as they wanted everyone to feel comfortable engaging with the project. There was widespread consensus about how great this initiative is, as it forces those involved to think about why law needs feminism, which is a useful and interesting exercise. They look forward to doing it again – and bigger and better – next year!

Thanks to Melanie Anderson for organizing, Justin Abrioux for the photography and graphic design, Dalhousie Feminist Legal Association for sponsoring, Schulich Law Communications Team for promoting and also Jenn Taylor for taking some photos at at Stewart McKelvey.