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robson hall’s first photoshoot

When the Feminist Legal Forum hosts its annual round tables, law students of diverse backgrounds, interests and experiences have the chance to talk about many of the ways that law and feminism intersect. Often, the conversation will turn to the ways that the legal profession, and the law more generally, doesn’t always leave room for feminist-focused conversations about equality. Time and again, students will comment that it can be easy to feel like you’re the only one asking these important questions, and in turn, like sometimes you shouldn’t be. Every round table leaves participants feeling reaffirmed in their passions and emboldened in their shared experiences. Many students come away from these discussions with a renewed sense of their supportive and active feminist community at Robson Hall.

This campaign was intended to bring this conversation to a wider audience, and so it did! Students, faculty and staff alike took the opportunity to answer the question, “why‎ does law need feminism?” Here’s what they said.

This photo campaign was run by Robson Hall's Feminist Legal Forum, with photography and graphic design by Ingrid Ruiz.