Move the world: how people are using technology to improve access to justice

To move the earth, Archimedes spoke of needing only a lever and a place to stand. The advent of affordable and accessible technology puts those supports within reach. Whether chatbots, Machine Learning models, or even through simple guided interviews, the past decade has seen an explosion of technological applications used to lower barriers to justice found throughout the legal system. This session will discuss how people have leveraged increased access to legal information, technology and other resources to enhance transparency and improve the quality of our collective interaction with law and government. It will also empower attendees to pursue their own innovations.

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Colin Lachance

Compass / vLex Canada

Legal tech entrepreneur. CEO of Compass / vLex Canada. Former CEO of Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) - 2011-April 2015. Professional background in senior legal, policy, biz and govt relations roles. Lawyer on paper, builder at heart.