Let’s work together to make our law schools, legal profession and justice system more feminist.


our purpose

Law Needs Feminism Because (Le droit a besoin du féminisme car) is a national collective of law students and legal professionals engaging in advocacy work to increase awareness of intersectional feminism. We facilitate dialogue on issues relating to gender, diversity and inclusivity in law schools, the legal profession and the justice system.

We envision a legal system free from patriarchy, sexism, homophobia, ableism, racism, classism, settler-colonialism and the continued oppression, exclusion and devaluation of women and other persons.

LNFB is a feminist-led, non-hierarchal, independent, non-partisan and non-profit organization.


our mission

We will work to provide a platform to facilitate conversation about how to make our law schools, legal profession and justice system more accessible, diverse and inclusive.

Our goal is to engage the public in a dialogue about the challenges faced by individuals as a result of their gender identity and other intersecting factors in law today. We seek to amplify the voices of marginalized people, particularly those who are racialized, indigenous, queer, trans, intersex, non-binary and/or living with disabilities.

We welcome participation from people of all genders, including non-binary individuals and those who do not identify as women to achieve these goals, but will prioritize the elevation of minority and historically disenfranchised individuals and communities in our work to achieve our mandate.


our mandate

1 - Continue to provide a platform for individuals to share their stories, perspectives and lived experience of discrimination based on gender within and before the law through our photo and story campaigns, and variations thereof.

2 - Use our photo and story campaigns to heighten awareness of the importance of intersectional feminism in law to engage in discussion with the legal profession and broader public on how to achieve systemic change.

3- Connect law students, legal professionals and community organizations with feminist events that will provide learning, networking and training opportunities aimed at inspiring action and change within the legal system.

4 - Amplify other intersectional feminist advocacy work to further conversation about the issues facing women and all individuals marginalized on the basis of their gender identity or expression in law, with particular attention to be paid to the experiences of those who have been historically excluded and/or made vulnerable by and within the law.

5 - Strive to grow our platform(s) while ensuring that they are inclusive, foster a safer-space, and engage and educate not just the legal community, but the broader public.