What is the difference between workshops, LNFB headquarters and declaration drafting?

LNFB headquarters

LNFB Headquarters will provide participants with the opportunity to contribute to the future of this initiative, by engaging directly with the future projects and goals of LNFB.

They will be led by active LNFB leadership who plan to see these projects into fruition, and welcome your thoughts and aspirations on what they could be. This will be set-up for virtual participation.

declaration drafting

Declaration Drafting sessions will be led by student volunteers and will give participants the opportunity to recommend actionable goals and policy suggestions on one of the four themes: mentorship, student experience, firms & legal recruitment, and alternative legal careers. 

These declarations which will then be discussed and voted into action at the end of the Forum during the session called "direct polling on lnfb declarations". This will be set-up for virtual participation.

Workshops will be led by members of the legal community on topics related to our four themes: Mentorship, Student Experience, Firms & Legal Recruitment, and Alternative Legal Careers. Follow the links on the schedule to read a full description of each one, including a biography of the workshop facilitator(s).