how it all started

In March 2014, Aishah Nofal and Amanda Ghahremani of the Feminist Collective of McGill Law launched the faculty’s first feminist photo campaign. Unlike LNFB, this campaign used the prompt: “I am a Feminist and I am […]” to challenge the idea of what it means to identify as a feminist.

Professors, law students, and alumni were amongst those photographed and quotes included “I am a Muslim woman and I am a feminist” or “I was raised by a single father and I am a feminist”, and even “I went to an all boys school and I am a feminist". This photo campaign, which caught the eye of the Huffington PostGrazia Magazine (France), Elle Magazine (France) and Policy Mic (among others) planted the seeds for McGill Faculty of Law’s second photo campaign two years later: #LawNeedsFeminismBecause.

It was for this reason that we were so thrilled that Amanda Ghahremani joined us as the keynote speaker for our first ever national forum in March 2017: her participation spoke to the seeds planted by her and Aisha two years prior, and gave a sense of the arc of LNFB.

Believing in gender equality is a value that can live harmoniously with many other aspects of one’s identity and I thought it was important to highlight this dynamic with our campaign. It was about recognising that more than one thing is true for us at the same time.
– Amanda Ghahremani
We want[ed] to reclaim the term, deconstruct the misconceptions attached to the term feminist, and demonstrate that feminism is something that is inclusive and does represent different voices. 
- Aisha Nofal