feminist legal teaching

Alternative legal careers

11:00 - 12:00

This workshop will unpack, using interactive techniques, what it is to both learn and teach law as a feminist. We will explore the realized and unrealized transformative potential of feminist methods for legal practise and thought.


Alana Klein 

Alana Klein is an Associate Professor at McGill’s Faculty of Law, where she teaches and researches the areas of criminal justice, health and human and constitutional rights. Before joining the faculty, she was a senior policy analyst with the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and at Columbia Law School and Columbia University, where she completed her doctorate. She has served on the Ontario Human Rights Commission, and as a law clerk to former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louise Arbour. Currently, she is the President of the Board of the Mile End Legal Clinic.

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Tina Piper is an Associate Professor at McGill’s Faculty of Law who works in the areas of intellectual property law and legal history. She recently co-authored a book taking a feminist approach to intellectual property law entitled Putting Intellectual Property in its Place: Creative Labour and the Everyday. Before joining McGill, Tina trained as a biomedical-electrical engineer, clerked for the Chief Justice and completed her doctorate at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. She works with a number of community groups including POPMontreal, CKUT and Creative Commons Canada.