Rebuilding Feminist Law Reform Capacities in Canada

As the LNFB platform grows it is important to make correct choices when it comes to technologies. Are we using accessible colours/fonts? Are we ACTUALLY providing a secure (safe) platform for community members to engage with?

During this workshop we will explore our right to exist safely in digital spaces and choosing the appropriate technologies that align with the work we do.

Attendees will gain a high level understanding of the technology we use to allow community members to remain anonymous when they digitally submit their stories. They will also gain an understanding of cybersecurity concepts and what we have to be aware of as an organization (LNFB and/or any other feminist/activist group) when it comes to choosing the appropriate technologies and vendors in our activism online (ie: Google, GoDaddy, etc).

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Jonathan Pulsifer


Jonathan is a ☁️ Security Engineer at Shopify. Previously, he was a SANS mentor, network defense instructor, and a team lead at the Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre in Ottawa. Find Jonathan on Twitter @JonPulsifer.

Chris donaldson


Chris Donaldson is a Developer Lead at Shopify.