Diversify the Law

Student Experience

3:00 - 4:00

In these tough political times, it is hard to have any faith in humanity. Women around the world gathered for the Women's March. It is during these times that young law students need to unite. We must not forget that law is power. "Diversify the law" is a workshop that was created in order to discuss LGBTQ+ issues, the stigma that is attached to mentalillness and being a woman of colour in the legal field.



Arwa Ahmed has volunteered at Pride, the Liberal Party of Canada and Out in the Capital. She is currently a law student at uOttawa.


Lina El Bakir came to Montreal when she was three years old. As she grew older, the fact that people were categorized into races and that relationships were molded based on stereotypes rooted in those races became very apparent to her. The injustices rising from racism in her entourage, particularly women, pushed her to question the system and more importantly to try to educate people, to inform them about this societal issue. She is currently a law student at uOttawa