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(in order of date)

— "an important conversation; ‘Law needs feminism because’ photo campaign trends its way into Canadian public", mcclung's (feminist magazine based out of ryerson university), 14.03.2017

— "'law needs feminism because' forum takes place in montreal", covered by global news on 11.03.2017 (broadcasted video clip can be viewed here)

— "the 'f word'", mcgill reporter, 02.03.2017

— "photo campaign brings feminist face to the law", the fulcrum, 01.03.2017

— "law needs feminism because campaign goes viral", focus online, news from mcgill's faculty of law, january 2017

— "update: #lawneedsfeminismbecause", bull and bear, 09.04.2016

— "#lawneedsfeminismbecause gains momentum at mcgill", cbc, 04.04.2016

rachel kohut being interviewed for global news


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