This group of geniuses and artists work to make us look as good as we do.

*in alphabetical order

Adrian Vaktor, Videographer
Alex Tran, Montreal, Photographer
Alicia Tremblay, Université de Montréal, Graphic Designer
Angela Zhu, Windsor Law Student & Photographer
Anna Toth, Law Student at Western Law & Photographer
Aquil ViraniMontreal, Visual Artist
Bobby León, Montreal, Photographer
Daniel Connolly, Video Producer
Debbie Preston, University of Victoria, Law-Student & Photographer
Dominic Racine, Université de Montréal, Photographer
Geneviève Gagné, University of New Brunswick, Law Student, Photographer & Graphic Designer
James Bourque, Photographer
Jerry Lee, Toronto, Photographer
Jonathan Pulsifer, Shopify, Senior Security Engineer
Justin Abrioux, Dalhousie University, Law Student & Photographer
Kyran Yeomans, Toronto, Photographer
Leanna Favaro, University of British Columbia, Photographer
Log Creative Bureau
Maryam Ali, Photographer
Montréalaise Atelier
Nadia Zheng, Photographer
Omar Rezk, Ryerson University, Graphic Designer
Paris Wildman-Sisk, Windsor Law Student & Graphic Designer
Parisa Mirshahi, Montreal, Graphic Designer
Ron Cohen Mann, Photographer
Sarah Quayyum, uOttawa Law Student & Graphic Designer
Sarah Wahba, Law Student at Western Law & Graphic Designer
Thomas Gagnon-van Leeuwen, Yellowknife-based Lawyer and Educator
Whitney Lewis-Smith, School of Photographic Arts Ottawa (SPAO), Photographer