PHOTO & STORY CAMPAIGN CO-LEADS (Rachel Kohut [4L, McGill Law] + one vacant position)

  • Responsible for overseeing the photo and story campaign in a holistic and visionary way.
  • This includes expanding the photo and story campaign to other schools, organizations, associations and firms both within and outside of Canada.
  • To achieve this goal, the Photo and Story Co-Leads will work closely with the Educational Outreach Co-Leads and Outreach and Content Management Co-Leads.
  • Work with Communications Co-Leads and Media and Engagement Co-Leads to determine the best strategy to release the portraits and stories.
  • Work with the Logistics Co-Leads to ensure an efficient and secure process for managing the content.
  • Work with Communications Co-Leads, photographers and graphic designers to strive for visual and artistic consistency throughout the campaign.
  • Make sure the media releases are signed, uploaded and updated (as required).
  • Responsible for enforcing the high standard for inclusivity the photo and story campaign. It is possible that these co-leads may be faced with assessing the quality of submissions and make decisions concerning the exclusion of certain content, with drafting criteria for exclusion potentially necessary.

MEDIA AND ENGAGEMENT CO-LEADS (two vacant positions)

  • Establishing creative ways to use media outlets as a means to push our messaging (this could take the form of writing articles (in consultation with the research co-leads), creatively collaborating with certain organizations (in consultation with the outreach and content development co-leads), or developing fun messaging and strategies around fundraising campaigns (in consultation with the fundraising and stewardship co-leads).
  • Essentially, these co-leads are always brainstorming novel ideas to engage existing + new audiences.
  • These co-leads will also work to keep LNFB looking so fly, innovative and engaging - always keeping us on trend, with a bigger engagement strategy operating in the background.
  • Would be wonderful if one of the co-leads had experience with InDesign.
  • Draft press releases and contact journalists and media outlets as needed.
  • Working with the National Forum Co-Leads to develop a media strategy leading up to the event.
  • Work with the photo & story and communications co-leads to create new formats of presenting and releasing the content accumulated. Work with the Logistics Committee and web developer to reorganize the online gallery so the portraits and stories are searchable by categories and themes.Work with the Research Co-Leads to draft reports/pamphlets/content that conveys the purpose of our work, and weaves in a portrait/storytelling component.
  • Work with the Fundraising and Stewardship Co-Leads to draft the annual report.
  • Work with the Communications Co-Leads to incorporate a storytelling / portrait component to the bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Work towards the long term goal of creating a print book.

COMMUNICATIONS CO-LEAD (two vacant positions)

  • Must know the ins and outs of MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and have experience ensuring consistent messaging across different mediums and to diverse audiences.
  • Responsible for sending out a bi-weekly newsletter to keep people in the loop regarding all things LNFB.
  • Working with Logistics Co-Leads to send our post-meeting debriefs via MailChimp.
  • Help draft content for donor stewardship, in collaboration with the fundraising and stewardship co-leads. This includes working to release our first ever annual report.
  • Working with the Outreach and Content Development Co-Leads to ensure brand consistency.
  • Helping draft cohesive and engaging content for our website - getting some new words and content up there! This includes strategizing for how best to advertise the 2018 National Forum to be held at uOttawa.
  • Must ensure that content posted is regular, bilingual, inclusive and respectful.
    • This includes posting three articles on feminism + gender + law per week on Facebook / Twitter
    • Two Instagram posts per week
    • Also responsible for responding to any messages that come through the social media accounts.
  • Work with the Photo and Story Co-Leads to strategically release photo galleries once they are completed.
  • Recruit and work with a graphic designer to create promotional material for LNFB.
  • Help design the ever growing LNFB brand.

OUTREACH AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT CO-LEADS  (Karine Bedard [3L, McGill Law] + one vacant position)

  • Responsible cultivating relationships with organizations (such as YMCA, Women’s Legal Mentorship Program, AIDS Community Care Montreal, for example) and individuals to expand the LNFB network coast to coast to coast, and curate inclusive, diverse and engaging content for LNFB’s events and campaigns.
  • The Outreach and Content Development Co-Leads will be responsible for connecting the dots between these contacts and those leading local LNFB chapters and campaigns across the country.
  • For this reason, these co-leads will act as the touchpoint for all the faculties who have came on board with LNFB this past year. They will be responsible for communicating with those leading the campaigns and chapters at these faculties.
  • Similarly, the Outreach and Content Development Co-Leads will also work with the National Forum Co-Leads to develop content for this upcoming forum in March 2018.
  • Given the wide scope of engagement, these co-leads will also develop criteria to help guide future LNFB events and content.
  • Given this role requires significant engagement with individuals and organizations, these co-leads will also work closely with the Fundraising and Stewardship Co-Leads to make sure LNFB also strategically cultivates donors.

EDUCATION, AWARENESS AND ADVOCACY CO-LEADS (Romita Sur [3L, McGill Law] + one vacant position)

  • Work with law firms and law societies around issues of gender and diversity from an education and advocacy perspective
  • Establish provincial leads to facilitate the development of a strategy to approach law firms, bar associations and law societies, as well as governmental agencies.
  • Work closely with the fundraising team to ensure also ensure this strategy also cultivates donors.
  • Make a portfolio consisting of concrete plans for both firms and societies so that the plan is consistent
  • Have a national monthly meeting every month to solicit feedback, provide updates, and develop strategy,and plans moving forward.
  • Oversee a relationship management spreadsheet to keep track of touch points with folks we have reached out to about LNFB in relation to education and advocacy .

FINANCE CO-LEADS (two vacant positions)

  • Tracking LNFB finances by maintaining rigorous accounting of incoming and outgoing funds.
  • Working closely with the National Forum Co-Leads and Fundraising & Stewardship Co-Leads primarily (but also other LNFB Co-Leads as required) to divise the projected budget for the 2017 LNFB Forum, as well as other events and related club expenditures.
    • Requires elaborating a projected budget of expenditures and foreseeing the cost per budget line for the forum.
    • Discussing, agreeing, and outlining the means by which those amounts are to be received and allocated in an accountable fashion.
    • Processing refunds for disbursements incurred leading up to the event
  • Maintaining the bank account and relationship with Scotiabank.
  • Engaging with members of LNFB interested in exploratory talks to establishing a national non-profit organization (LNFB national) and determining the role that the finance lead(s) may want to have in requesting non-profit status and establishing accounting best practices, including filing taxes (as needed).
  • Acting as the liaison person to receive incoming cheques, grants, etc. and ensuring that the amounts are promptly deposited into the bank account and that the budget the updated accordingly.
  • Producing a year end financial report of revenue and expenses in line with the projected costs of the LNFB forum.

Important note: LNFB finances are the responsibility of the Finance Co-Leads and therefore requires a bright line rule to govern financial matters to protect and limit their personal liability. Since their names are the ones on the bank account, they are personally liable for all spending that flows to and from the account. In this spirit, it is essential to ensure that no spending is authorized without their informed consent and that any and all spending must be pre-approved by finance for any funding to be refunded, especially in cases where it may be ex post-facto. Finally, and for this reason, the Finance Co-leads must hold a final decision making role in all financial related matters.


  • Responsible for managing and completing all the stewardship reporting with donors who give to the national initiative, as well as supporting the national forum team in their reporting requirements.
  • Responsible for ensuring cheques get to the finance team to deposit.
  • Responsible for working with finance to forecast incoming funds / funds applied for (creation of a fundraising pipeline).
  • Responsible for striving to reach a fundraising goal, which will be agreed upon by all voting members of the LNFB National Executive.
  • Work closely with the Education, Awareness and Advocacy Co-Leads, as well as Outreach and Content Management Co-Leads to develop a strategy for soliciting funding from law firms, law societies/barreaus, associations and organizations.
  • Working to create a merchandising revenue stream for LNFB.
  • Kickstarting a second crowdfunding campaign.
  • Creating an annual report for donors in collaboration with the Finance Co-Leads and Communication Co-Leads.
  • Overseeing consistency in grant applications and managing their reporting requirements.

RESEARCH CO-LEADS (Jo Murray [PhD student, McGill Law] + one vacant position)

  • Dedicated to doing research on intersectional feminism in the legal profession.
  • Analyzing the work that has been done is the past, present, and looking towards the future.
  • Engaging with academic and professional writings by professors and students, professional individuals and organizations, community members and organizations to create a database of information upon which LNFB committees can refer to and use as a resource for information and direction.
  • Getting these resources up on the website so they are accessible in one place.
  • Drafting a comprehensive research document on possible directions for LNFB.
  • Looking into the possibility of creating an academic research blog on current feminist legal issues.

NATIONAL FORUM CO-LEADS (Zaynab Al-waadh [3L, uOttawa Common Law]  + Chiara Kavakas [3L, uOttawa Civil Law])

In the interest of planning and in reflection of the nature and scale of the National Forum, this year’s National Forum Co-Leads have already been selected. Zaynab Al-waadh and Chiara Kavakas and the rest of their team at uOttawa are already  hard at work organizing the 2018 LNFB National Forum.In the future, it will be possible to bid for National Forum hosts through an open call.


  • Non-voting, objective committee entrusted with the creation of a constitution and the oversight of all LNFB committee leads and events to observe and reflect its ethos in their work
  • Working in correspondence with all leads and members of LNFB to create this important document
  • Ongoing committee empowered to amend and ensure the ongoing growth and life of the constitution as a representation of LFNB.
  • Hearing and mediating situations of conflict regarding the tenants of the constitutions.
  • Other Co-Leads and members of other committees may make up the members of this committee, but may not act as its Co-Lead.

NON-VOTING COMMITTEE: LOGISTICS (two vacant positions)

  • This person has organization as their middle name.
  • Offering website support as needed, which includes emailing folks to get content up on website.
  • Managing files on Google Drive - make sure we stay organized. First order of business will be organizing the photos to make sure we don’t have duplicates taking up too much space!
  • Work to set the agenda for the monthly-meeting & coordinate a time and set up UberConference call.
  • Take notes during this monthly-meeting and working with comms to send out a mailchimp update within two days after the meeting. This is crucial to ensure transparency across the organization.
  • Working to make sure everyone is using our systems properly (Google Drive, Slack)
  • Making sure all our website accounts are settled up.
  • Work with the Website Security Guru, Jawn Pulsifer, to make sure everything online is secure. This is important for the story submissions, as we want to ensure they stay anonymous if so desired.
  • Work with the National Forum Co-Leads to launch an online presence for the event, and assist with managing the backend (such as ticket sales) leading up to the Forum in March.
  • Recruit someone to assist with managing SquareSpace.

*These roles are non-voting to facilitate objectivity and transparency within the national executive. For instance, it is important that our technical team does not have a vote on the content created, and similarly, the constitution drafting is written separate from the politics of the internal workings of the national executive.