become a community supporter

In the twenty months since LNFB’s inception, we have evolved into a national executive and organization, and hosted two national forums. While we are heartened, inspired and humbled by the momentum harnessed to date, we need your support to continue growing this this thoughtful, motivated network of feminist law students, lawyers, legal professionals and community organizers.

Now that we have built more capacity internally through our national executive, we are thrilled to now invite firms and organizations to join our movement through our new community supporter sponsorship program.

Here are four ways you can show your support through this program—  

(1)   In the spirit of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, rally your office colleagues to give to our GoFundMe crowdfunding platform, which will run until the end of March 2018.

(2)   Host your own photo campaign in your firm or organization. In exchange for a financial contribution or in-kind donation, we’ll help your with the branding and push it through our social media channels. To recognize your firm or organization as a community supporter, we’ll feature you on this page of our website and in our annual report.

(3)   Hosting a photo campaign or rallying your colleagues sound like too much of a hassle, but still keen to support us? Chat with Carly about how to your firm or organization can give a gift to LNFB.

(4)   Reach out to us about other ideas you might have, such as helping push LNFB through your networks, giving an in-kind donation or collaborating with us on a project.


If you’d like more information on any of these ways you could support LNFB, please connect with Carly Stanhope, one of our Fundraising and Stewardship Co-Leads. Currently a law student at the University of British Columbia, Carly is overseeing LNFB’s new community supporter sponsorship program.

She can be reached at national [at] lawneedsfeminismbecause [dot] ca