Be the mentor you wish you had


3:00 - 4:00

In a society which is marked by individualism, it is more important than ever to acknowledge that one rarely succeeds on its own – there are tools, guidance, trainings and most certainly mentors who can make a difference and which should not be underestimated.

Although this workshop is called « Be the Mentor you wish you had », mentorship is a two-way street – be a good mentor and you will find yourself a mentor. Cet atelier explorera tant les qualités requises/recherchées chez un mentor afin d’en identifier, que les méthodes pour maintenir une relation de mentorat et la faire fructifier, et ce dans différentes sphères de nos vies (ie université, cabinet de droit, implications personnelles). Nous nous questionnerons également sur les éléments à prendre en considération en tant que femme et sur l’importance à accorder au mentorat.

This is a bilingual workshop. Cet atelier est bilingue. 

Tara Mandjee

Tara Mandjee currently works as an associate in the banking, financing and real estate practice group of Stikeman Elliott LLP in Montreal. She graduated from the combined degree of civil law and common law from McGill university in 2012 and completed a master degree in banking and financial law at Boston University in 2014. Tara is also currently the Chair for external relations for the Aga Khan Council for Quebec and the Maritime provinces.