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King Kambit

Ottawa-based spoken word artist, singer and instrumentalist

The internationally-acclaimed all-around artist King Kimbit, originally Nguyễn Anh Thư, was born and raised on unceded Algonquin territory to Vietnamese boat people. She has performed and recorded in Jamaica and all over North America, sharing love and knowledge, which she believes are connected by similar roots. King has recently released her debut double-disc album LIFE LESSONS POETICALLY (with help from Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Ottawa). Life Lessons Poetically is a collection of poetry with respective musical arrangements to illustrate the lessons learned and insight gained so far in the quarter century of King's journey through intersections. Despite the inevitable presence of oppressive white supremacy and patriarchy, there is beauty in telling stories of life and death, revealing the healing and survival of women and the world.

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Barâa Arar

Spoken word artist

Barâa Arar loves stories. She believes everyone has a narrative and we should all lend our ears to hear it. Barâa stumbled into spoken word poetry in 2010. Since, she has performed individually and on a team, both locally and nationally. She studies Humanities at Carleton University. She is a community developer, educator, and the co- host of “The Watering Hole” podcast. Barâa can be found drinking coffee or tumbling around the city. You can find her stuff here.

photo image credits: Alia Youssef