A2J: From a Practitioner's Perspective

Lawyers must individually take steps to increase A2J. If every lawyer waits for someone else to take the first step, the opportunities to help may never arise. I will provide information on platforms that encourage interaction with clients not typically able to access legal services, identify non-traditional legal resources as well as provide insight into alternative careers that focus on A2J.


Stacey Mirowski

Lawyer, Reach Canada and Mirowski Law

Stacey is a sole practitioner who works primarily with low income individuals on issues such as job loss, disability claims and appeals, human rights and discrimination. I am also the Legal Coordinator at Reach Canada, working on a new project to expand access to justice for persons with disabilities. They do this by partnering with service organizations, shelters and youth centres to provide legal education and information directly to those who have difficulty accessing it.


Raija Pulkkinen.

Lawyer, Reach Canada

Raija is currently the Outreach Coordinator at Reach Canada, an Ottawa-based organization that offers educational programs and promotes access to justice for persons with disabilities. Prior to joining Reach Canada, she worked as a research lawyer, focusing on the areas of human rights, labour and administrative law.  Raija was a member of the Commission Counsel team at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Before becoming a lawyer, Raija spent many years working with vulnerable children and youth in the social services field.  She is a mom to two school-aged children.