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The University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University are teaming up to host LNFB’s Third National Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia in February 2019.


Every year, in the spirit of International Women’s Week, law students, lawyers and legal professionals come together to take part in various workshops, panel discussions and activities on feminism and legal system.

 National Forum, Montreal 2017

National Forum, Montreal 2017

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the folks behind the forum



Samantha is a third year student at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University. She is a vegetarian, activist, and social justice advocate. She shares her life with a three-footed German Shepherd name Honey, who is a rescue from Mexico. Training and playing with her are among her favourite ways to unwind. She has been a feminist since before she even knew what feminism was! Her particular brand of feminism is multifaceted, reflecting a passion for (and involvement with) a broad scope of feminist issues. It is also intersectional, and I acknowledge and seek to understand the unique sets of challenges that racialized, Aboriginal and Indigenous, 2LGBTQIA+, criminalized, and other already-vulnerable groups of women still face in modern society. One form of activism my feminism has taken relates to women's bodies and, in particular, how that patriarchal structure of Canadian society positions women's bodies as second class. I believe that law needs feminism because it is incumbent upon our legal system (and all those who claim to serve it) to address, reject, and disassemble the status quo when said status quo leaves any persons or groups vulnerable. The time for reform is now. The place for feminism is here.


shayna levine-poch

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Shayna Levine-Poch is currently in her second year of Law School at the University of New Brunswick. Prior to, she attended Queen’s University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Shayna spent her early years training as a competitive dancer, surrounded by countless female role models who encouraged her to take on active leadership roles. In recent years, Shayna has been executive on numerous local, national and international committees and organizations — all of which share the common thread of supporting individuals of marginalized populations. Through these involvements, Shayna has travelled to and volunteered in several international communities where she observed the benefits of activism and community engagement first hand. Shayna is honoured to be a part of this years #LNFB National Executive and is excited to meet, work alongside, and learn from other like minded feminists and activists. 


kathleen kontak adams

Kathleen Kontak Adams is a 2L Law Student at UNB hailing from the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. She obtained BA in the highlands of NS at StFX University and then her Masters in Art History and Conservation from Queen's University. Prior to coming to UNB she worked in higher education and the medical field. Fertility and reproductive health are her main interests after spending time working at Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies in Halifax. Her legal career got kicked off with a focus in labour law at the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers. Kathleen is very actively involved at UNB Law, serving as Chairperson of the Orientation Committee, 2L LSS Executive Representative, and is President of the Women and the Law Society at UNB. She strongly believes that women can and should make every attempt to break into the “old boys club”, which she does by playing on the recreational hockey league, sometimes as goalie! Her small town upbringing influences every aspect of her career and why she believes in a grass-roots approach to female leadership, which is why LNFB is so important to her.


serena smith

Serena Smith has lived in a number of provinces but now considers Fredericton, NB home. Serena completed her undergraduate degree honouring in History and Political Science at the University of New Brunswick. She is passionate about connecting with people, helping others and contributing to social change. This passion motivated her to study Social Work at St. Thomas University and then later Law at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Serena is the Volunteer Coordinator for the UNB-PBSC Wills Project, President of the Mental Health and the Law Society, President of the Poverty Law Society and Chair of the UNB Student Disciplinary Committee. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and is an alumnus of Pond-Deshpande Centre for Entrepreneurship - Student Ambassador program, where she was fortunate to represent the cohort at the 2017 Development Dialogue conference in Hubballi, India. Serena is an avid reader, traveller and dog enthusiast. Serena was inspired to join #LNFB by the photo campaign and is so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this movement.